I am a newbie. Where do I start?

Yoganand classes are ideal for all levels and abilities. Just let us know before the session so we can tailor your experience according to you. Yoga is a very individual journey after all!

Are there any health restrictions?

Although Yoga offers plenty of health benefits in various ways, it’s best to seek advice from your Gp or specialist for certain concerns like injuries. You should let your instructor know about any injuries or health conditions, so that we can help you adjust your practice. Yoga teaches us how to connect better with our bodies, therefore it is actually beneficial to start Yoga practice to help ease off variety of ailments whether it is back problems or lack of confidence.

What if I am not flexible?

In this case, you are actually at the right address as Yoga is very beneficial when it comes to tightness in the shoulders, back or legs. Most of us are not flexible in one way or the other, or more! Yoga is the great antidote for the long hours at the office or in front of the telly. 

How do I choose the best practice / class for me?

We strongly believe that Yoga is an individual practice and practitioners have or develop preferences between the different types of Yoga. Therefore, at Yoganand, we offer trial sessions, come in and explore if any of our classes are for you.

Is anyone too young or too old for yoga?

Not at all! Anyone who is 6 weeks-old and older can practise Yoga. We welcome babies and mummies after 6 weeks of normal delivery and encourage all ages to ‘stretch’ in order to extend life expectancy and enjoy healthier later-life. Yoga is for everyone!

I'm expecting to expect / already expecting. Can I practise yoga?

Indeed! It’s supported by research that Yoga for Fertility provides holistic support for natural and supported fertility, and aids overall improved health and wellbeing during the times when calmness is essential. Once expecting, it is strongly recommended to have a regular practice from 12 weeks of gestation until up to labour for nurturing you and your baby. However, you should choose a specifically designed Pregnancy Yoga class as some of the Yoga poses should’t be practised while expecting and different stages of pregnancy. Our instructors are highly qualified Yoga for Fertility and Pregnancy Yoga instructors who have worked with hundreds of mum-to-be’s and we meet many returning with their new baby bump.

What do I need to wear or bring in for a class?

When it comes to preferences, everyone is different! Some do like their loose clothing while practising Yoga and some would not give up on lycra. However you feel comfortable, really.

Yoganand provides all the equipment you need, including mats, props and blankets. All our equipments are high quality, hazard-free, eco friendly. We regularly clean them, yet, at some point you may wish to invest in a mat for your practice. We have excellent %100 TPA mats (lightweight yet sturdy) available upon request.