Bump to Baby Birth Preparation Day Course

A practical approach to your confident, calm and serene self on the big day



Our award-winning Bump to Baby Birth Preparation Course will introduce you to an enlighteningfunand active ‘labour’. 

Find out what to expect and how your partner can support you through an empowering birth journey free from routine medical interventions. 

We explore ways in which you and your partner can enhance the experience of a positive birth with informationconfidenceharmony and physical movement

Rhythmpositioningbreathing and relaxation will influence the journey and outcome of labour, benefiting both you and your baby.
Attending childbirth classes as a couple may even create a special bond.


This course includes:

· The signs and stages of labour

· Specific breathing techniques for different stages of labour

· Understanding the birth journey

· The hormones of love and birth

· Creating more space in the pelvis

· Helping babies engage

· Practice of positions and movement for different stages of labour

· The perception of pain and pain relief options including massage, relaxation, breathing techniques

· Partner support

· Birth rights

Who is this course for? 

Bump to Baby Birth Preparation Course is best when taken during the mid second trimester to end of third trimester, closer to birth. 

As pregnancy winds down, you may focus on the process of labour and birth.

Taking the Bump to Baby Birth Preparation Course will help you feel confident and prepared for the hard work of birth.


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