About Us

Welcome to Yoganand where the traditional Yoga disciplines are respectfully refined for the needs of women, men and babies of our time and society.
Yoga (a Sanskrit word commonly interpreted as ‘union’) combines deep experiences and unity of Mind Body and Spirit/Energy.
Voted Best Yoga Class 2017, Yoganand aims to help you find right kind of Yoga practice at every stage of your life. A Yoganand translates as someone who delights in practising Yoga.


We are Yoganand! Are you?
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Our mantra is “being a Yoganand with self-responsibility, mindfulness and compassion”… We sincerely hope that humankind has a deeper insight into its habits to take responsibility for; be mindful of its thoughts, words and actions; and be compassionate to itself and for those around.

Yoga is for Everyone!

A human is not just a body, it is a combination of physical, mental, emotional and energy qualities. An effect in one will be felt and manifested in others.



Our specialized classes offer a matter-of-fact approach and tailor-made support through

*  fertility issues
*  precious ante/post natal period
*  addressing your overall well-being
*  activating your body’s own ability to repair and heal
*  low energy levels
*  anxiety and relaxation
* mindful movement and breathing
* reducing aches and pains
* bad sleep patterns
* simple and free tools to take home with you

Effie wanting to combine her love of practising Yoga with her passion for teaching, Yoganand was born.

Here is a brief introduction to her Yoga journey!

Effie, a yoganand of 10+ years, started her Yoga journey with Yoga-guru Saash Behnam Kheirolomor in Istanbul. Having caught the Yoga bug, she attended various Yoga classes and workshops in a number of styles, practising with internationally acclaimed teachers, and qualified as an Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha teacher with Yogacharya Lalit Kumar in Goa in 2013, and as a registered Yoga Mama affiliated Pregnancy Yoga teacher with SYT Cherie Lathey in 2014.
As an avid learner, she continues deepening her studies by attending workshops, seminars and courses.

Recently, Effie attended Birthlight CPD Incorporating Mindfulness into Pregnancy Yoga with Nadia Raafat in November 2017, YogaBirth Postnatal module with Lolly Stirk and Annabel Hargrave in April 2017 and Fertility Yoga teacher training with Cherie Lathey and Diane King in September 2016.
Effie is accredited (Associate Level 2) and insured by Yoga Alliance UK and teaches Pregnancy, Postnatal / Baby & Me, Fertility, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga in and around South West London. Her classes have been voted Best Yoga Class 2017 at Live. Love. Local. Awards.
Her practice has helped her grow stronger and become more mindful on and off the mat. Along the same line, in her classes, Effie encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, and hopes that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.
Effie is also a certified Chakra Healing practitioner and a Reiki Master, using breathwork, visualization, crystals and mantra/sound healing; all of which aim to promote natural self-healing, relieving pain and enhancing personal awareness.
When not on her mat, she can be found chasing her little daughter around.